Directions for Centennial Station

  1. From Southampton Estates continue West on Street Rd.
  2. Go through the double lights at Davisville Rd.– You are now in Warminster.
  3. Continue up the hill and through the next light at Centennial Rd.
  4. Go past Centennial Station which will be on your left.
  5. Turn left at the next light – This is Newtown Rd.
  6. Continue on Newtown Rd. and past the District Court office on the left.
  7. Turn left at the next driveway – This might not have a name on it – It is the driveway that is the back driveway for Centennial Station.
  8. Turn left after the first building.
  9. Now if you went straight you would drive right into the room that we rehearse in. – Don’t do that - instead find a place to park and walk into the room.

Map for Centennial Station

E. Street Rd. & Centennial Sta.

Warminster, PA 18974