Subscription Concerts

The Southampton Community Band currently performs four subsciption concerts a season.  The annual “SCHOLARSHIP CONCERT” with all proceeds going into the scholarship fund and our traditional “SALUTE TO THE ARMED FORCES” are included in the subscription series. 


Tickets for the subscription concerts may be purchased at the door or through the purchase of a membership.

What If It SNOWS????

Our wish is to be able to present the scheduled program. However, there are some factors beyond our control which could necessitate a cancellation. If Centennial School District closes its facilities, we would need to cancel the program. Centennial's School closing number is 753.

If it is determined that roads are difficult and weather will be a problem, a call will be made by 6 pm to radio and TV stations. A notice will be posted on this website.


If the program cannot be presented on the scheduled date, it will be canceled. If you are unsure about the program's status, call 215-364-3180.